It may not be terribly surprising that you can find lobster ice cream somewhere in Maine, as we've corrupted pretty much every food one can with our uniquely ubiquitous sea insects. If you haven't tried it yet, hit up Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor.
 According to visitors' reviews, this butter-infused ice cream with REAL lobster chunks inside is a dinner-dessert hybrid that's so weirdly wrong, it just might be right. Just in case, though, they recommend sharing it with a friend.
Alongside Maine in this list of weirdo ice cream flavors are Alaska, with a roasted turmeric and candied ginger flavor; Colorado, with its goat cheese beet swirl; Delaware, with a Hunger Games- themed "Catching Fire" flavor, a fruity blend with a curveball ACTUAL REAL SCORPION ON TOP (wtf?!); and Kansas with a bizarre pineapple cilantro sorbet. Somehow, lobster ice cream doesn't sound nearly as crazy when you consider those other options.

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