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For years now, New England has been a hotspot location for movies to be filmed. Parts of Boston, Massachusetts, and in particular, Fenway Park were both huge shooting locations in particular for movies like Ted and Fever Pitch.

Water Wizz, an iconic water park located in East Wareham, Massachusetts, was featured in the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups. By now, all New Englanders (whether native or from away) know that JAWS was filmed on Martha's Vineyard. And most recently, the Netflix movie Don't Look Up was shot primarily in Worcester, Massachusetts.

New England TV Shows

Speaking of more western parts of Mass, it's not just movies that have been shot in New England areas. Referenced above is the Showtime TV series Dexter: New Blood, which was shot in areas of western Mass, including Shelburne Falls.

And you only need to look as far as Kennebunkport, Maine, to Hidden Pond Resort back in April 2021 for the taping of the Food Network competition Chopped: Martha Rules.

But that's not the only filming in Maine that's been done, because a super popular (especially in the summer) Portland business was featured in several scenes of the 2012 film See Girl Run, starring Adam Scott of Parks & Rec and Step Brothers fame.

theporthole via Instagram / Google Maps
theporthole via Instagram / Google Maps

The Porthole Restaurant & Pub

See Girl Run follows the story of a woman named Emmie, who decides to revisit all of her past relationships to figure out where she's at and also get some guidance for her current times.

One of those past relationships involves a man named Jason (played by Adam Scott) who works at a seafood restaurant. In one of the scenes, he's teaching a family how to tackle eating their very first lobster. It just so happens that entire scene is filmed at our very own Porthole. In fact, you can even see The Porthole's logo on the shirt of one of the extras.

Plus, Adam is wearing a shirt in another scene (also filmed at The Porthole) that reads: "I SAVED THE PORTHOLE 6-16-08."

Fun fact: According to The Porthole's Instagram page, See Girl Run is now airing on Tubi if you want to see the home of Maine's Biggest Deck rock that Big Deck Energy on the silver screen (or, at least, the screen of your TV at home.)

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