That is Movie the Mannequin Challenge at the White House set up by Ellen Degeneres. I know...I's crazy!

What the heck is Movie Mom doing at the White House and in a 'Mannequin Challenge' with Robert Dinero, Ellen Degeners, Tom Hanks...and so many others? Movie Mom is right at the end of the challenge!

Because that room is filled with Medal of Freedom recipients - and Movie Mom's dad was one of them! His name is Newt Minow and he is an incredible human being...

Newt Minow is an attorney with a long and distinguished career in public life. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Minow served as a Supreme Court clerk and counsel to the Governor of Illinois. In 1961, President Kennedy selected Minow, then 34, to serve as Chairman of the Federal Communications Committee (FCC), where he helped shape the future of American television and was a vigorous advocate for broadcasting that promoted the public interest. In the five decades since leaving the FCC, Minow has maintained a prominent private law practice while devoting himself to numerous public and charitable causes.

But when you give Ellen an award, you know she's gonna make it fun. And to get this crowd to do a mannequin challenge..well, only Ellen could do that!


Congratulations Movie Mom...we are so happy for your amazing family.

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