Andrew Zimmern loves Portland. I took this selfie at the Porthole last summer. Tonight on 'The Zimmern List' he features Portland's Duckfat.


According to the Travel Channel's website:

Andrew takes a walk down memory lane as he visits his favorite haunts in Portland, Maine. He enjoys pastries at his dad's favorite bakery, blows a single day's calories eating poutine and digs into juicy pork prepared over a wood-fired grill.

That's tonight on the Travel Channel 930 pm.

As someone mentioned on Duckfat's Facebook page...'Can I put myself on the 2 year wait list now?'


I love me some Duckfat. Nothing beats those fries...

The episode also focuses on his dad who lived in Portland for the last 10 years of his life (he died at 89 in 2015). Andrew would visit his dad and his dad's husband. Before his dad lived in Portland, the only place he'd eaten was Fore Street.

His dad was well known in Portland and a man who was loyal to his favorite places. Andrew says that this episode was one of his favorite and meaningful....




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