The last thing you expect to see posted on your local bulletin is a "lost peacock" sign. But that's what the Johnson family of Springfield, Vermont were hoping for when their pet peacock ran off with the wild turkeys.

In what could only be assumed as a mid-life identity crisis, "Pea" the peacock saw the wild turkeys of Vermont living the life he yearned for and he wandered off with the crew. Er, the flock? The... (hold on, let me just google this real quick...) RAFTER. He wandered off with the rafter.

Owners Rene and Brian confronted the situation with cool heads, saying they hoped to get close enough to Pea to recapture him in a net, according to the Boston Globe. They also used local resources, asking for advice on their local Fish and Wildlife facebook page:

My peacock has run off with the turkeys. Do you have any suggestions on how to catch the little twerp?

While Rene has her concerns about the dropping temperatures, she notes the humor in the situation. She says the peacock may have been lonely and sought out his less fashionable friends.

Portrait of a peacock
Getty Images

I'd like to find a peacock interpreter to see if Pea is going through a phase or if he'd rather we all accept and respect his lifestyle choices.

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