Quite possibly the most wild part of this whole thing is that it all started with a mistake, at least according to CBS 13.

Scarborough, Maine, Speed Limit Change

If you live in Scarborough or drive through Scarborough on the regular, more specifically the area of Pine Point Road near the marsh and nature center, you're used to cruising along at a steady 45 miles per hour due to the posted speed limit.

Author's Note: And by 45 miles per hour, it's Maine so we definitely know that it's at least 60 miles per hour. But anyway...

Google Maps / Canva / George Huffman
Google Maps / Canva / George Huffman

According to a recent story by CBS 13, that whole 45 mph posted speed limit has actually been a mistake and no one knows how long the incorrect signs have been posted, even though the official speed limit for the entirety of Route 9/Pine Point Road has always been 35 mph.

Yesterday afternoon, Scarborough Police informed the public that they were notified by MaineDOT that the error was going to be corrected immediately. The signs have already been changed out from the posted 45 mph speed limit signs to posted 35 mph speed limit signs, and the new speed limit should be enforced right away.

Whether or not Scarborough Police will show a bit of lenience or not at first with the change happening so immediately without warning remains to be seen (especially since at the end of the day, it was someone else's mistake to post the incorrect speed limit for an unknown amount of time.)

But regardless, get yourself used to the fact that the entire stretch of Route 9/Pine Point Road in Scarborough is now strictly 35 mph, period end of story.

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