If you're a die-hard Mainah, something about these new-fangled smart phones has always bugged you:

There's no lobster emoji.

Back in August, Mainers came together to petition the "powers that be" to create an official lobster emoji that we can use to proudly proclaim our heritage via mobile messaging.

Today, things just got real. Senator Angus King (I-Maine) wrote a letter to the Unicode Technical Committee (the people who decide what characters and emojis get created) and threw down some facts to back up his case.

According to the Portland Press Herald, King wrote that "The Maine lobster industry is really on a roll. It brings over half a billion dollars (that's with a "b") into the state each year, supports families up and down the coast, and is part of what induces millions of visitors to claw their way through southern New England traffic to get up here every summer. For these reasons, and more, this crustacean has become a Maine icon – even if it’s not an icon you can use on your phone!"

The Senator also posted an update this morning on Facebook calling for the creation of an official lobster emoji.

Now that we have some real firepower behind this critically important effort, let's see what happens!


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