Look, I understand road rage and parking rage. It can be frustrating, we have all been there.

But it should never be frustrating enough to a point that you think it's OK to ruin somebody else's property because you can't control your anger.

Here's the run-down.

I was very excited that I had finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a parking spot in a Maine parking garage that I'd never been in before. When I entered the garage for the first time I noticed every parking spot on the lower floors had the word "reserved" written on it.

I'll be super honest with you here, (and vulnerable) since I've never been in this garage before, I genuinely thought that once you buy a spot in it you are now considered "reserved." (I didn't realize until later that "reserved" was meant for specific people who paid for exact spots, whereas I was supposed to find an open spot on the higher-up floors of the parking garage.)

Again, not realizing this, I parked on the first floor and left.

Well, after a long day, I walked back to my car to finally go home, when I quickly found out the hard way just how wrong I was about how the reserved parking spots worked.

Gorilla glued and stuck right on my driver's side window (blocking my view to drive), was a big white piece of sticker-like paper with very rude words written on it in Sharpie: "Clearly Marked Reserved! Felt Entitled?! Lazy Ass."


No, I didn't feel entitled. I FELT that I had done the right thing and bought a reserved spot in the garage. And no, I'm not lazy, I just made a mistake.

The sharpie had bled through to my window, and the glue wouldn't come off the glass without extensive effort involving bleach and a razor blade. The razor blade then left my glass window very scratched up once the paper was peeled off, no matter how careful I tried to be in the process.

Here's the thing. I work very hard to pay for the vehicle I have, and I don't take it lightly when a stranger disrespects that. I, of course, came to understand I took your parking spot without knowing what I was doing, and I am truly sorry. I can only imagine if I saw a car parked in "my spot," I'm sure I would be annoyed, too.

But there are so many other ways you could have handled this situation without hurting my vehicle.

I would have gladly taken getting the parking police called on me to boot my car or tow my car out. It was my mistake after all, of course, and consequences are gonna happen.

But this?

I'm just so saddened that humans can operate like this, and I now have to have my window replaced.

If anything, I wish this angry person had caught me in person to tell me that this was not how the garage works so that I could have moved and let me have a chance to explain myself and realize my error so I could fix it instead of having my property getting destroyed.

Again, I understand I unknowingly parked in a spot I shouldn't have, but it wasn't malicious. It was a simple mistake.

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