Dear Dude That Clearly Didn't Get Hugged Enough Throughout Life,

Honestly, I'm glad I was waiting for my order while you were waiting for yours, too, because this whole interaction easily will make me a repeat customer of The Ricochet in Derry, New Hampshire, any time I'm in the area.

Recently, I dropped a blunt and honest review of The Ricochet after trying it for the first time, and I was going to include this interaction in that review, but decided I'd give you some attention because clearly you were a bit of a sad panda that you weren't getting enough in the restaurant that night (that's an exaggeration, by the way).

Let me set the scene to remind you exactly what happened.

Townsquare Media / Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash
Townsquare Media / Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

It was a Friday night, the Bruins were on TV for a playoff game, Bob frickin' Ross was on the other TV, and there wasn't an empty seat inside of The Ricochet (or outside of it, either). There were a group of people in the lounge-type waiting area waiting to be seated, and a group of people off to the side (us included) waiting to get their pickup orders.

The place was clearly slammed, the staff were all zipping around the entire restaurant (to the point they ran out of plates to serve seated guests, they were THAT busy). But, even observing all of that, somehow, you weren't satisfied enough.

So, you walked up to the clearly overwhelmed staff at the counter, and because they're absolute pros and clearly great staff, they immediately gave you attention, and then went on to explain (calmly) to you all three times that you asked why your food was being delayed when you showed up for your pickup time.

And even when they were calm and respectful of you, your response was a disrespectful roll of the eyes -- something your wife that you were waiting with even called you out on.

And even a few minutes later when you got your order and the staffer that handed it to you genuinely said, "I'm so sorry for the wait, thank you so much for your patience" (even though you didn't have any), you didn't even have the decency to thank her.

So, rude dude, maybe you were just hangry. Maybe you have something else going on in the background that affected your mood that night, in which case I hope it gets better. Or maybe you just think the world should revolve around you. I only have two things to say to you:

1) I hope next time you go there (or anywhere, really), you're a little more patient and understanding, because you weren't the only one waiting and it was obvious that staff was killing themselves to keep crushing service.

2) Please don't find me and beat me up, while I do think you were a bit rude, the smack talk in here was really just tongue-in-cheek, and I'm very much not tough and just trying to be a keyboard warrior to entertain people.

(But also, seriously, how good was that food?! And the fact that even though we had to wait for a few, it was still warm/hot by the time it was consumed back at home? At least, I'm assuming yours was since mine was.)

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