According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, someone is claiming to be Patrick Dempsey on social media and asking people for donations. The silky-haired Mainer wants you to know that he does not solicit for The Dempsey Centers that way, it's a scam!

Wouldn't it be nice if a big star direct messaged you asking for your help? It would, but they're not. Nope, that's not Mc Dreamy asking you to send money through Western Union or MoneyGram to support a non-existent foundation in Africa.

Please report any funny business like this to the social media outlet that it came from.

Meantime, we get closer to the Dempsey Challenge every day. The annual challenge happens September 28-29 in Lewiston and raises money to help cancer survivors, provide support, programs and prevention. You can make a legit donation at, donate to a team member or create a team of your own!

Have you or will you be taking part in the Dempsey Challenge? Comment on our Fan Page.

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