It's been a nice run of free parking in Portland - but that is about to change.


Portland has not issued any parking tickets for expired meters, time zone violations or street maintenance regulation. They were still not letting you get away with illegal parking or blocking roadways, parking in handicap spaces, fire hydrants, parking in no parking zones - and you still can't do those stupid things.

But that free ride is over soon. Free parking in Portland coincided with the Stay at Home Emergency Order. That ends on June 1st. So, if you've been in a habit of parking and not even thinking about it - you gotta think about it again starting JUNE 1ST!

City Hall will stay closed to the public through June 22nd. But when they do re-open, you can go and get your residential permit. That's a sticker for some residential areas in Portland that lets you park longer that the time restriction posted.


Thanks Portland for the free really did help.



Downtown Portland Under 'Stay at Home' Order

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