It's funny how, while growing up, for all the times that you mention you can't wait to get older and be an adult, once you are one, all you do is long for the days when you were a kid.

No real responsibility outside of school work, no bills to pay, nothing. Your full time job is essentially to go out, play with friends, get into a little trouble (not too much trouble), and just not even think about the real world that has a solid chance of eating you alive once you enter it.

Now, as adults, we cherish the times where we can turn back the clock, even if only for a few hours, and put the troubles of the world and our responsibilities aside and, basically, just re-live being a kid again, with adult perks.

pinzportsmouth via Instagram
pinzportsmouth via Instagram

Pinz Portsmouth, New Hampshire

In some cases, there are essentially all-in-one businesses that make re-living your youth super easy -- businesses like Pinz in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Pinz is basically the things dreams are made of, all rolled into one. It's essentially an adult playground with both indoor and outdoor features.

Inside? There's axe throwing, bowling, darts, an arcade -- literally something for everyone, of any age -- except the alcohol, that's obviously reserved for 21+ only.

Outside? It's like very cookout and barbecue you've had at your friends' houses over the years all rolled into one. There are cornhole boards, bocce ball pits, a couple of life-sized Jenga setups, and life-sized beer pong, complete with red trash cans serving as the cups and big, foam, dodgeball-like balls serving as the ping pong balls.

All of this is set up on artificial turf, complete with picnic tables, to complete the full "lawn game" feel of it all. Not to mention an open window for ease of ordering another round of drinks or food for you and your crew.

According to the official Pinz Portsmouth website, there are currently four Pinz locations in New England -- the one in Portsmouth, and three more in Massachusetts.

Which leaves a massive gap for at least one or two locations to be open in Maine. Can you imagine the business that would bring in? Especially during tourist season?

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