The longest running pizza place in Maine will soon be down to only one shop in Westbrook as Pizza By Angelone on Washington ave gets set to close their doors for good and make way for a new neighborhood specialty market and and casual restaurant.

It has long been said that the Angelone family is credited with bringing the modern pizzeria to Maine. The first shop opened in 1947 on Veranda Street. Soon after, Jack Angelone bought 3 gas sations, one in South Portland, one in Westbrook and one on Washington Ave. He then gave the restaurants to 3 of his daughters. Soon there will only be the one pizzeria left in Westbrook.

Photo via Portland Food Map
Photo via Portland Food Map

There will be some renovations before Monte's Fine Foods,  the new market and restaurant opens at the Washington Ave location. Co owners Steve Quattrucci and Neil Rouda plan to add 2,300 feet of new space for the market's kitchen and bakery.

They plan to be open early next year.



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