One of Portland's longest running and most famous pizza joints has put their Washington Avenue location up for sale. Pizza by Angelone can be yours.

The listing appeared this week on Cardente Real Estate's website with an asking price of $850,000. For that price, you get the keys and everything you need to have your own pizza place. Of course you could go the more tragic route, and tear the place down and build expensive housing or something.

The store that has sat at the corner of Washington and Ocean Avenues since 1960 is not closed though. We did some asking around and were told that the owner would like to retire in a few years. Maybe this is just putting some feelers out there to see what might happen.

Cardente Real Estate
Cardente Real Estate

Pizza by Angelone is a Portland landmark that began in 1947. In the 60's and 70's there was a Pizza by Angelone in Monument Square that was one of the busiest pizza places in the city. That building was eventually torn down and One City Center, where our studios are, is near that spot today.

This Pizza by Angelone for sale on Washington Avenue is referred to as the North location while the West location is on Main Street in Westbrook. Both have the same classic look of the square building, red trim and logo that has been used for 70 years. It's a Portland tradition that has remained unchanged which also means it's cash only. Some things are too good to change. Let's hope whoever buys it keeps that tradition alive.

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