Windham NH police are looking for a man who was reported missing since last Wednesday.

Mark Dickason reportedly went to New Hampshire last week to check on his secondary residence, according to relatives and neighbors of Dickason in the condominium complex where the residents in New Hampshire is they have not seen him in months.

Windham, NH Police Looking For Missing Man From Maine

The Windham Police Department is asking for the public’s...

Posted by Infonh on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

According to Portland Maine Police, they last had contact with him Thursday as of 5:00 PM, and they also fear that he may be suffering from a mental illness, which could be the reason for him being missing or disoriented.

Dickason was cited in Wells this past weekend using his ATM debit card. According to the Info New Hampshire FB Page, Dickason is 5’9” 185 Pounds, and he was last seen to be driving a 2003 Corolla with New Hampshire plates 3532316.

Please make sure this man is found and returned to his family safely. If you see him, contact the Windham Police Department at 603.434.5577. Have you ever had a missing relative? How did you react when they were found?

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