Almost 20 years ago, the Portland Downtown District's Board of Directors voted to stop calling the tree that goes up at Christmas ever year in a Monument Square a Christmas Tree, instead choosing to call it a Holiday Tree. Almost 20 years since that decision, it still gets people riled up in a big way.

Every year, we share stories and photos on social media of Portland's Holiday Tree and every year no one seems to care about where it was from, how the lights are arranged or who will be performing at the Holiday Tree lighting. Their furious that it's not called a Christmas Tree. Here are just a few comments we got recently:

" I don't care what color the lights are but I do care that people are calling it a holiday tree. It's a CHRISTmas tree."

I agree with everyone....its a Christmas tree.....enough of this "holiday" tree thing"

"It's a Christmas tree period!! O Christmas tree O Christmas tree........"

"Looks like a Christmas tree to me"

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of comments. Honestly, I agree with the comments.

Portland isn't the only city or town in Maine that does this in an effort to be all inclusive and politically correct, or even separate church and state.

Christmas may be a Christian holiday, but I'm not Christian. I don't even believe in God and I have celebrated it all my life. For me, Christmas isn't about religion as much as Columbus Day isn't about Christopher Columbus. (Portland changed that one too)

Christmas for me is about spending time with family, seeing the smiles on your kid's faces on Christmas morning and all the other non-religious things that go along with Christmas. For those that celebrate the birth of Jesus, that's great. I celebrate Christmas as the few times of the year that all of my family gets together. That's the meaning of Christmas for me. So let the city call it a holiday tree. I'll still call it a Christmas tree and you can too.

What do you think? Here's a handy poll to make your choice as to what those trees should be called.

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