It looks like in Portland, there is a more 'official ban' on facial recognition technology. This time stronger measures have been put in place to reinforce the ones opted for by the City Council back in August of 2020.

As reported by, the ban on facial recognition passed the ballot overwhelmingly on Election Day. The new ordinance also says if private citizens have been subjected to facial recognition in the City of Portland. They are entitled to at least $1000 in restitution per every use of facial recognition by the police or other organizations that operate inside the city.

If used by a city employee to spy on private citizens, they will automatically face termination from their employment. Portland joins other cities in this fight against facial recognition technology, including Portland OR San Francisco, CA, and Boston MA, according to

It looks like the city of Portland has at least kicked the can down the road for Minority Report at least five years. What are your thoughts? Do you think facial recognition software should be banned?

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