I'm looking for a giggle anywhere these days, and PT's Showclub got me coming and going!

Since BJ's Wholesale Club is on my list of essential stops, I often pass PT's Showclub. It's just another business that has had to close down thanks to the coronavirus.

But on my way to the store they go me chuckling with this sign.


That's super clever. I swear I was giggling all the way to BJ's (I know the irony of that statement). Then, they got me again as I was headed home!


That made me giggle all the way home! I needed it. Shopping is so stressful. I use my cart as a divider between me and the people who seem to be completely unaware of social distancing. I leave often shaking my head.

I don't know if I'll ever shop without peaking around corners pushing my cart wayyyyyy in front to see if anyone is lurking.

Either way, I look forward to my giggle thanks to PT's Showclub. Thanks!



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