You may have heard about the rare great black hawk that was hanging around in Portland last year. He was spotted several times near Deering Oaks Park, capturing the attention of people all around the city. Well unfortunately, the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing this week have proven to be too much for the hawk. He was found unable to walk, and near death over the weekend. Luckily, he was rescued just in the nick of time, and brought to Aiven Haven in Freedom, Maine.

The hawk was in pretty rough shape, but luckily he was still alive. And yesterday, Avian Haven posted an encouraging update!

I'm so glad to hear that our feathered friend is on the mend! He's so lucky that someone found him, and was able to safely get him to a place where he can get the help he needs. Maybe after this ordeal, he might want to head south for warmer temperatures! We'll keep an eye out for future updates, and keep you posted.

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