Reverend Mark Tanner from Skowhegan is getting a ton of high fives these days thanks to an amazing prediction!

NewsCenter Maine says that on Friday the 18th, 3 days before the Patriots played, he not only predicted the Pats would win, but he also predicted the score!



I think it's safe to say that it was pretty easy for everyone to predict the Pats would win. But to predict the actual score? That's pure heavenly intervention!

Reverend Tanner is a self-proclaimed crazy Patriot fan (actually all New England sports) and the game was doubly exciting for him and his family.

When the Pats tied the Chiefs and it went into overtime, the whole family knew that all they needed was a touch down to not only head to the Super Bowl, but also - have the prediction right!

It was an amazing celebration when the score truly ended up 37-31! Rev. Tanner's phone exploded! He heard from people he hadn't heard from in years!

So the big question is - what is his prediction for the Super Bowl?


Nothing yet...but stay tuned!


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