The Rise of QR Codes

Okay, ya’ll… I am sick of these QR codes.

I understand they were important during our pandemic to make things “touchless” but if we can fill up Gilette Stadium with crowds of people, I think we can hold onto a physical menu.

I’ll start with my tangent that I gravely dislike QR codes in restaurants. When I am out for drinks or food with my people, I do not want any of us sitting there on our phones. Looking around the space and seeing everyone sitting there on their black boxes is off-putting and quite honestly, creeps me out.

For the record, I’m the type of person who can’t watch Black Mirror because it’s based too much on reality and what people see as science-fiction I see as happening right before us. Perhaps that’s dramatic but it is simply how I feel.

Moving on, when I go out to dinner with my grandfather, I have to read him the menu because he does not have a cellphone and you have to scroll in 700% on a phone to read a menu even with 24-year-old eyes. I think we can also all agree that there is just something more satisfying about physically holding onto a menu than squinting at your phone and moving the image around so you can read and scroll through the whole menu.

To me, it’s the same thing as preferring to read a hard copy book rather than to read on a Kindle or device.

The Maine Mall Hours of Operation

This one just about put me over the edge.

I went to The Maine Mall yesterday for the first time since probably high school and when I walked up to the door I audibly gasped.

Townsquare Media


Why didn’t they just LIST the hours right there?! Why do I have to take out my mobile device to scan this code to find a list of hours that you could have just printed and posted on the door?? Am I the only one losing my mind over this?

I was almost embarrassed taking a picture because I didn't want people to think I was scanning for the hours, my stubborn arse refuses to.

This has gotten out of hand!

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