Ya shouldn't believe everything you see online....

A bunch of news outlets and people got fooled into sharing a picture from Keith Potter, a lobsterman up in Winter Harbor!

Turns out, the purple lobster was photoshopped.

Keith Potter
Keith Potter

WPLG in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, even quoted a local article (before it was taken down):

Keith Potter got a shock last week when he netted an extremely rare purple lobster off the coast of Winter Harbor.

Well, well, well. The image was was shared hundreds of times to the point where poor Keith then posted this on his Facebook page:

Stop messaging me about that fake purple lobster it was a joke I posted in a closed group and someone took it and shared it, if you read the comments you can tell it was a joke and if you're butthurt over a photoshopped lobster please get a life.

Thanks for the laugh, Keith. Good one!

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