Mount Success Plane Crash Site

Mahoosuc Range, Coos County, NH

When Northeast Airlines Flight 792 left Logan Airport in Boston on November 30, 1954, the crew and passengers could not foresee the harrowing events that would soon transpire. 

The DC-3 aircraft bound for Berlin, Vermont had four crew members and three passengers on board. The pilot requested weather information around 11:00 a.m. Air traffic informed the flight that the weather was overcast with 2.5 mile visibility and snow showers in the area. Just 28 minutes later, air traffic attempted to contact the flight with updated weather info but received no response. 

The wreckage of Flight 792 was discovered a few days later on December 2, 1954 on the southern slope of Mount Success in New Hampshire. To the amazement of rescuers, the captain, a stewardess, and all three passengers survived the crash. Two crew members survived the initial impact but later passed at the site.

The adventurous hiker can find the remaining wreckage of Northeast Flight 792 near the summit of Mount Success in New Hampshire. Large portions of wing and fuselage are scattered in a wooded area, relatively intact for the age of the wreckage.

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