Each year, Sanford Jr. High School holds a Pay it Forward Penny War to raise money for a local family in need. This year, they need your help...


The money is always a complete surprise to the family! Once all the money has been collected it is gifted to the family in front of the entire student body, which is such a special day for the school. The kids really look forward to this every year!

Here is the presentation at last year's Pay if Forward Assembly. Just when you think you can't make a difference...you really can:




This year, Sanford Jr. High needs to raise more than they typically would raise through the penny drive to be able to grant the wish for the family they want to help.

They can't reveal much right now, since the family is local and they want to keep it a surprise! However, they can update everyone who donated after the gift is given to the family! This will hopefully happen around the first of May.

Thank you so much for your support! Know that your donation will be used to make a school, a child, and her family very happy!

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