Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is an incredible organization run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Their mission? Collect and distribute toys to children in need for Christmas. According to the Toys for Tots website they have distributed 604 million toys to 272 million kids.

SantaCon 2021

SantaCon is a holiday-themed pub crawl through Portland's Old Port. This year the stops will be at 5 Old Port favorites. Each venue possesses a different vibe so there's definitely something for everyone. You'll be stopping at Bonfire Country Bar, Foreplay Sports Pub, Oasis, Pat's Pizza, and The Drink Exchange.

Fun for a Good Cause

100% of the proceeds benefit Toys for Tots so you can go out for a good time and do some good too. Participants are asked to dress up in costume. And it doesn't even have to be as a traditional Santa, any costume will do and you are encouraged to bring "gifts, games, props, and performances" to up the fun during the crawl.

100% of the proceeds benefit Toys for Tots

To keep down the crowds SantaCon is asking you to purchase tickets within different group options. That way they can plan your route accordingly. So, make sure you and your friends buy within the same group.

SantaCon 2021 is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th from 5pm until 10pm. It is expected to sell out so get your tickets, and more information here.

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