You may have seen this eye-catching poster hanging around town. You may have wanted to know more about it. But, like me - in line for the water fountain at the health club - you may have thought "I'll go ahead and research that on my own time," and then promptly forgot.

Good news - it's not too late! Sex and Other Disturbances is sticking around Portland Stage for the remainder of the week, wrapping up with its final show on Sunday.The play runs 1 hr. 35 min. and you can buy tickets online here.

This is the world premiere of New England playwright Marisa Smith’s latest play. In our interview with actors Eden Malyn and George Psomas, they avoided revealing any spoilers and only clued us in that there's a lot of skin to be seen. They also remarked on the clean air as out-of-towners, and said they'd miss our lobsters with a smile.

Hear the full interview from the Q Morning Show:

Portland Stage's website describes the plot in a tantalizing way:

When your husband is too busy buying cabins in Newfoundland for the apocalypse, what’s the harm in having a little affair? Sarah finds out the hard way in this fast-paced comedy about friendship, love, sex, and other disturbances.

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