There are two limited time menu items at McDonald's that I am always on the lookout for. One is the elusive McRib which comes and goes without any set schedule. The other has made regular appearances around March every year since 1970. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, the Shamrock Shake is back!

I loved Shamrock Shakes as a kid and still love them today, so when I saw the sign at the Lisbon McDonald's that they had them, I pulled right in and grabbed one. Luckily they arrived this year a full month ahead of St. Patrick's Day so there is plenty of time for you to grab one.

For the past 50 years, the Shamrock Shake has been relatively unchanged. At its core, it has always just been a mint flavored shake, but over the years there have been subtle changes. In the 80s McDonald's offered both Shamrock Shakes and Shamrock Sundaes.

With the introduction of McDonald's McCafé in the early 2000s, the shake was now served in a McCafé cup with whipped cream on top. Personally, I always ask for no whipped cream. Not just because I'm not a big whipped cream kind of guy, but I like to keep my Shamrock Shakes tasting like I remember when I was a kid. Uncle O'Grimacey sold me on this the moment he showed up in McDonaldland. Yes, there was once a green Grimace.

If McDonald's really wants to blow my mind, put out the McRib and the Shamrock Shake at the same time! I'd kiss Ronald McDonald if that ever happened.


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