Maine first shoe convention for Sneakerheads! Four friends from the Portland area putting it on at the Ocean Avenue School in Portland!

James, Daniel, Jack, and Ian are heading up Portland's first ever sneaker convention! Buy, sell and trade shoes with other sneakerheads just like you! Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and other exclusive brands and shoes will all be available from vintage Jordan's to the latest and greatest! It's this Saturday from 130-4pm.

Daniel got the idea for having SneakerPort after he went to a sneaker show in Boston. There he found other people with a passion for shoes. He traded his own shoes twice and brought home shoes that were a great deal...and he had a lot of fun!

One of the purposes of the event is to donate to charity. Everyone who comes is asked to bring an old pair of sneakers “beaters” to donate as well as some shoes to trades. The sneakers that still have some good life left in them will go to other teenagers at the Root Cellar and also to help the homeless at Preble Street. The shoes that are really beat will go to the Nike outlet,where they recycle the shoes into material fro tracks and playgrounds.