Q Cans For A Cure is looking a lot different this year. No RV. No camping out at The Maine Mall. While a lot changed due to the pandemic, breast cancer certainly couldn't take time off.

Taking 'Cans' virtual has been a learning curve for us. Wondering if Mainers and friends from years past would even be able to help and time and time again we're blown away. People still want to help. People are still collecting bottles and cans. Truly a testament to the importance of this cause for so many.

Yesterday The Q Morning Show was invited to visit South Portland Professional Firefighters Local 1476 who are just one group of folks who generously give year after year.

After a tour of one of the trucks (and us stealing some coveted firefighter hats) Mike Norton, Treasurer, of the department presented us with a donation of $2,000. Incredible.

$2,000 for the Maine Cancer Foundation and the Dempsey Center to help those fighting breast cancer. That's 40,000 bottles and cans!

Much of their fundraising comes from Checking for Charity a charity hockey event that has raised over $40,000 in its first three years. The event will be back in 2021. All the details on Checking for Charity can be found here.

Cans For A Cure will continue through the month of October. You can donate your bottles and cans through CLYNK or make a monetary donation. All the details on how to do both can be found here.

Thank you so much South Portland Professional Firefighters Local 1476 and everyone who has helped 'Cans' this year.

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