It's locals season at J's Oyster. Come on ya local...grab your friends and head on down!


It's not that long from now that Britney from Connecticut will think J's was HER find. It's not Britney...J's is ours - and it's locals season!

They have winter soup specials every day to warm you up. It's hard for me to branch out from their amazing haddock chowder - but...every once in a while I can be persuaded.

Try their fried haddock sandwich. I should mention that it's PAN fried, because at J's, they don't have a fryer...and they don't need one.

Of course they have oysters. At least two types to choose from and always a Maine option.

And if you are going (smart choice!) start your meal with the warm crab and spinach dip. The crab is Alaskan King crab leg meat! So friggin' good, you'll forget that your car barely started this morning.

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Always good drinks. Always good food. Always great people. Always at J's!

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