The warm days in Maine have come and gone once again.

The temperatures have continued to dip lower, and parts of Maine recently got a real taste of winter with the arrival of some significant snow.

But one of the real signs that the seasons are changing and fall will soon be gone are when the ski mountains open up. And popular Maine spots Sugarloaf and Sunday River have already revealed when you can hit the slopes.

When does Sugarloaf Maine open for 2022?

According to a press release from Sugarloaf, the ski mountain in Carrabassett Valley opened on November 18 for the 2022/20223 season.

Not only has Sugarloaf gotten upgrades in their snowmaking system, the press release stated, but the multiple days of natural snow have helped make the opening efforts easier.

“We’ll be able to expand our terrain faster than ever before, and we’re excited to welcome skiers and riders back on Friday morning,” Karl Strand, Sugarloaf’s general manager, said in the release. 

There are seven available trails as of the start of the season.

When does Sunday River Maine open for 2022?

According to a Facebook post from Sunday River, the ski mountain opened Thursday, November 17, 2022.

There are eight groomed trails available as of the start of the season.

Sunday River's mountain report notes what's open and what's not, and it will be a good place to check back as the season progresses and more trail opportunities arise.

Sure, some of us will probably grumble that they miss summer and fall, but for those of you that love the changing of seasons in Maine and getting to crush mad powder on the wicked mountains, the opening of Sugarloaf and Sunday River is a sure sign that winter fun has begun.

See you on the slopes.

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