The state of Maine legalized fireworks a decade ago in 2012. That's not to say they're legal in all towns, however. Be sure to check your local ordinances before having your own backyard show.

While fireworks are a highlight of The Fourth of July holiday for many, for many others it is a stressful night.

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Fireworks and Dogs

According to Purina, The Fourth of July is the #1 day out of the year that dogs run away from home.

So, how do we help?

If you are choosing to set off fireworks the biggest way to help is to not drag the show out over the course of the night.

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We've all been there trying to sleep after the holiday and there's some neighbor popping off a few at 9...10...11. Imagine being a pup and you finally chill after the first run and then it keeps happening.

As a dog owner first and foremost make sure your dog is secure in your home especially if you're out enjoying your community's fireworks show. Make sure your phone number is on their collar. No name tag? Try this tape trick here.

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Purina suggests that if your dog is crate trained to keep them in there as their safe space. Or alternatively, use a small room or bathroom. Try to drown out the noise with music or sound from the television. Lots of comfort items too; blankets and favorite cuddly toys.

There are even calming wraps and shirts you can purchase.

So whether you're a dog parent or a neighbor to one, please be considerate, be safe, and have a happy Fourth of July.

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