Thanks to 'Arthur' the 4th of July in Maine was on the 5th. No problem. The 'Stars and Stripes Spectacular' really was spectacular!

It all started at noon up on the Eastern Prom with the food vendors lining the streets. The crowds were a little lighter I think from a typical 4th. After all, the whole sha-bang was moved a whole day. But still the crowds turned out.

crowd for the 5th of July on the hill

So, we're sitting there with our very bad for you food, when all of a sudden we hear drumming!

We ran up to see what was going on and saw the Middlesex County Volunteers! They were new to the festivities this year and a great addition!

Fireworks don't happen until around 915 at night. That's a long time to entertain a giant crowd. But the music started around 730 and it was beautiful night.

Sunset on the Eastern Prom

The music was great. The Portland Symphony Orchestra (led by Maestro Robert Moody - he insists we call him that) is really impressive. It's nice to have a nice orchestra right in town. And Robert Moody makes it not feel know. You hear the word orchestra and you start talking like you are from Cape Elizabeth. But not with the PSO.

They coordinate this every year to start the fireworks as the '1812 Overture' is wrapping up. They nailed it!

Then there are a lot of oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's and then the PSO nails it again with ENDING the fireworks too!

Another very cool show that didn't cost the taxpayers a dime. That's because five local businesses stepped up and took care of it when Portland could no longer afford to throw the big party without help. That was 5 years ago. So shout out to the sponsors and a big thank you for a great show!

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