The weather was perfect for us today to kick of The Q Morning Show Eats Maine, where Lori, Jeff and Lou eat at a list of summertime spots across the state that you suggested. Stop number 1 was Val's Drive-In on Sabbatus Street in Lewiston.

It looks like they were expecting us.

We pulled up in Lori's car, flashed the lights and Sydney came right over to take our order. We had cheeseburgers, onion rings, corn dogs, and fried Oreos which were all amazing. I got a frosty mug of their homemade root beer which was the best damn root beer I've ever tasted. They even sell it in half gallon jugs to take home.

This is the face of Lou, not in pain, but sheer delight after taking a bite of a fried Oreo. Not exactly flattering, but I captured it in the moment.

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Val's Drive-In is pretty amazing and they have to be to still in business for nearly 60 years.

If you missed our Facebook Live on the trip up to Lewiston and while eating all this delicious food, here you go...



So what's next as The Q Morning Show eats Maine? Who knows? But there's a lot of nice weather ahead of us. We could be popping up near you.