I am still speechless. I will try to muster the words to produce this article but I have been at a loss for words since 8 a.m.

I don’t even know where to begin to fill you guys in.

I guess we can start with a little back story. I grew up here in Maine and have spent many, many summers attending Sea Dogs games at Hadlock Field.

They’re entertaining, give you something to watch and get competitive over, you can eat as many judge-free hot dogs as you can handle, and you can score a pic with Slugger after a killer YMCA flash dance.

I remember being fairly frightened by mascots when I was little, especially those trash can monsters at Hadlock, but I always had a crush on the Sea Dog. I would tug my parents’ hands and pull them to wherever Slugger was so I could get my high five, hug, and picture. I thought he was famous and still kind of do.

Some things just simply never change.

I am 24-years-young and I will admit that I still do have a wee bit of a crush on Slugger. It’s the eyes and the swagger, I don’t know, man. Judge me if you must but I know for a fact I’m not the only one who gets it.

The Q Morning Show & Slugger The Sea Dog Surprise

I have the privilege of joining Lori, Jeff, and Brittany on the Q Morning Show on Tuesdays and last week I went on a little tangent on-air about my adoration for Slugger. Lori had known about my questionable love but I think that segment really solidified it for her. So much so that this crazy woman reached out to the Sea Dogs and asked if we could borrow the mascot. I, however, had no idea this was happening.

I drove to the studio this morning in the pouring rain and made the last-minute decision to pay for parking next to the office rather than walk from the garage. I banged a left on a road I never take in the morning and found myself behind the Slugger mobile.

The Portland Sea Dogs

Yes, Slugger has his own car.

I immediately thought “LORI” and wondered what she could possibly be scheming. What else would Slugger be doing near our studio at 8 in the morning? But, I don’t know this guy's life, he could be hankering for a breakfast sandwich next door. I pushed it out of my head and told myself I was overthinking it.

The start of my segment went as normal as we small talked about the weather and I prepared to tell the stories of my weekly NSFW shenanigans. We’re in the middle of our chat when someone comes barreling aggressively through the door, I whip my head around as my heart stops beating, and I am looking right into the giant eyes of THE Slugger The Sea Dog.

Townsquare Media

It felt as if Morgan Freeman himself had walked into the studio. Not only was Slugger standing in our studio but he was there for ME. I understand he is a mascot but I truly just see him as a famous Sea Dog and I fully personify Slugger as a real entity and I do not think about the fact that there is a person inside there thinking, “this woman is bat sh^% crazy.”

Which maybe I am.

I was in shock and still am. We chatted about my love for him, made plans for his birthday, and I got my hugs, high fives, and pictures that were more personal than ever. Little 10-year-old Meghan was REELING sitting there with Lori Voornas, Jeff Parsons, and Slugger The Sea Dog. Somebody pinch me??

Townsquare Media

It was one of those moments in life where there should be a TV show freeze-frame. How did I get here?

This happened. This really, seriously happened. I said I had a questionable, irrational crush on-air and the Q Morning Show did what they did best and made an absolute hysterical and iconic event out of it. Talk about organized chaos.

You can ride the wild ride here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CciFPCAt8fN/

I am thankful for the show, I am thankful for the Sea Dogs, and I am thankful for Slugger.

I will ride this high for eternity.

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