If you've been a fan of the Q Morning Show for a while, you probably know our personalities pretty well, but do you know us well enough to guess which cubicle belongs to each of us?

Here are four pictures of cubicles in our office. One is Lori's, one is Jeff's, one is Lou's and one is none of ours. Why the extra cubicle? I didn't want to make it too easy on you.

So, think you can figure out who these belong to?

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So let's find out. Scroll down a bit for the answer.



Keep going....







Almost there...





Okay! Let's start with this one.

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If you guessed the cubicle with a piece of paper, some Tupperware bowls, a lanyard, an unused phone, a bottle cap and a folded up t-shirt is Jeff's, you're absolutely right!

Why is it so sparse? I spend most of my day in the studio and really only use the desk to store a few things. If you actually see me sitting here, I'm waiting for a meeting to start. The other work I have to do, like writing what you're reading right now, I do in the comfort of my own home where I wont't be bothered.

On to the next cubicle...

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The homemade World Series trophy might be a clue for you. I'm not sure where the...um...is that a chicken? I'm not sure where that came from, but that white board is what we plan out our show out on, yet it doesn't hang anywhere. It just sits on her desk. If you guess this is Lou's cubicle, one point for you.

Here's number 3.

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Well organized, multiple monitor workstation. Lots of post it notes and thumbtacks, hand sanitizer and a ginger ale. If you guessed this is Lori's cubicle, you're crazy! She wouldn't know who to handle two monitors. She'd lose her cursor! And she's no where near this neat at work. This cubicle belongs to Account Manager Caitlyn Doningo, a perfect example of an Account Manager's desk. Neat and organized.

The last desk however....

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If you thought this looked like a tiny garage sale, I wouldn't blame you. A bottle of booze, a cross made out of seashells, a Hillary Clinton nutcracker, even a rock. Somehow Lori manages to get work done here. There's even more garage sale junk under the desk. When we've given away everything in the studio for Stupid Games for Stupid Prizes, we're coming out to Lori's desk.

How'd you do? Let us know how many you guessed correctly in the comments below or on our Facebook page?