I had to clean out my desk this week. No, I'm not being shown the door, but I'm moving to another desk and leaving the desk that I've had for almost 20 years here at our studios at One City Center for a new employee.

Having the same desk for nearly two decades means that you collect a lot of stuff, and when I started going through it I found things that took me back in time. Here are four of them.

A Radio Shack bag

Radio Shack was where geeks like me went for anything having to do with electronics, video and audio. Once people started buying these things online, Radio Shack went away in 2015. Inside I found two Y-audio spliters and a receipt from 2002. I have no idea why I bought these, and clearly never used them.


A Floppy Disk

Townsquare Media

This unlabeled 3 1/2 inch floppy disk has something on it of mine. Floppy disks became obsolete at the start of the 21st century with the introduction of writable CDs which have also become obsolete. I don't have a single computer at home or at work that still has a floppy drive so we'll never know what was on it.


Portland Phonebook

Townsquare Media

Phonebooks haven't gone away, they've just become a nuisance in 2019 when they land on your doorstep without asking for them. When Google or Alexa can give you the number you're looking for in seconds, these things are pretty much useless. This Portland Phone book is from 2001, so I looked up the number for Dream Machine, the arcade that used to be at the Maine Mall. 775-3137. I don't think they'll answer.


A picture of me at 29-years-old

Well this is embarrassing. That's me posing for a photo at our old Warren Avenue studios in 2000 when we were doing a promotion with the Portland Sea Dogs, who back then were still affiliated with the Florida Marlins. I weighed a bit more, I wore a watch and I had lots of hair. Man those were the days.

Well now that I'm in a new desk I can start collecting things that will be relics in another 20 years. Like me.