The Q Morning Show takes a lot from the three of us to put together, and when I'm on vacation, one job I do everyday falls to Lori. Everything you hear on the air is controlled by me. I run what Lori likes to call "The Space Shuttle." It's the two computers we use to play all our audio along with the faders that control the volume and which channels are on the air, the microphones and all the dings, bells and buzzers we use when playing games. It can get pretty hectic sometimes.

So last week, when I went on vacation, I had to give Lori a crash course once again on  how to run everything. Lori however always worries she'll screw up.

I'm not one to let something like that go, so for five days in a row, I texted Lori and Lou this meme.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

From Sunday to Thursday night, I sent this to both of them every...single...night. You would think once would be enough, unless you're familiar with the movie the line comes from.

The meme is of the late Leslie Neilsen who most people know from the Naked Gun movies. He played Dr. Rumack in the 1980 classic Airplane!, a disaster film parody about a plane that loses their pilot after he gets food poisoning. It falls to Ted Stryker, a war veteran to land the plane who has a drinking problem. Since this is a comedy, his drinking problem is he can't find his mouth with his drinking glass.

As Ted and Elaine, the flight attendant who broke up with him, prepare to land the plane, Dr. Rumack comes into the cockpit to say....



Then as trouble develops and it looks like they might crash, he does it again.



And he does it again when they are safely on the ground.



So you see what I was doing when I sent the meme every single night. Lori got the joke. I think Lou thought I was nuts.


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