Consider this a social media version of The Q Morning Show's 'Stupid Games for Stupid Prizes,' but the prizes is your satisfaction knowing you correctly guessed what I ate based on a photo of my plate.

Michele and I spent an overnight at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut on Wednesday as my Valentine's Day gift to her. It's a fun and cheap getaway for 24 hours. We came back with more money than we went with so that's a complete win for us.

There was no way that I was going to Mohegan Sun without having the buffet. I mean come on, it's a buffet and really good one at that! So I had two plates full of food. Don't tell me you only get one plate because you are totally missing the point of a buffet if you do.

So what did I have? Take a look at my plate. What was it?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Some things to know about the buffet that may or may not help you guess:

  • Lots of seafood including raw oysters
  • Mexican, Chinese and Italian dishes
  • Hand carved meats!
  • Bread...lots of and lots of breads
  • About every kind of dessert you could imagine

I actually posted this photo on my personal Facebook page and Lou said she thought it was spaghetti and cookie dough, but part of it was close.

This is actually what's left of rhubarb cobbler and Toll House Cookie Pie. Yeah I had two desserts, so? It's a buffet!!!

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