While sitting around the campfire this past weekend we were fascinated watching the dog try to dig up a rock that was clearly too big for her.

Michele's brother's dog has a weird habit of wanting to dig up any rock she finds in the ground no matter the size. If she manages to get it out, which she does pretty regularly, she'll play with like a ball, pushing it, rolling it and carrying it in her mouth.

Try as she might though with this one, she couldn't get it. I'm pretty sure this was similar to the tip of an iceberg and there was a lot more rock below ground than above.

We asked on the Q Morning Show what weird things your dog does, like digging up rocks. The clear winner was the dog that will "sing" along when you sing Happy Birthday.

What weird things does your dog do? Do you have a video? Share it with us by sending it via the Q app in your app store or on our Facebook page.




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