The Q Morning Show is throwing a 60 second basketball office party for the winner of our Third Month Craziness tournament. We've pitted 16 Maine businesses against each other in a single elimination one on one basketball game.

No, it's not real basketball, but it is ABOUT basketball. Teams have to go back and forth naming things in a category having to do with basketball. They only have 5 seconds to come up with an answer that fits the category and has not already been given.

For example, our first match-up featured Poland High School vs. Gen Re and they had to name a city, region or state that is home to an NBA team. It was a tense battle, but in the end Shannon from Poland High School said Charlotte which had already been said and was eliminated, sending Katie from Gen Re Insurance on to the next round.

Here's where the bracket stands right now.

Keep checking back to follow along and find out who will win the 60 second basketball office party.

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