The Queen in Portland? The one of from England? I definitely did a double take.

I've seen a Rudolph nose on the front of a car, legs sticking out the back of a trunk, personalized plates that leave nothing to the imagination - but I have never seen the Queen before!


I laughed my ass off seeing this. I can't even imagine who is such a fan of the Queen of England to have her in the backseat. I guess she can't really be in the front seat...that would seem too unbelievable.

At least it makes sense that she's being driven around.

These days I'll take humor and especially in my car. I feel like my car is the one place on this earth that I can truly just breath. It's the one place that I have everything I need. Heat, freedom, food, drink...and a queen sighting on top of all of that.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen driving around?

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