Even though summer just ended, it's that time of year. Portland Downtown and the City of Portland are looking for the perfect Holiday tree for Monument Square. Do you have it?

Townsquare Media

First, let's set aside the debate over Holiday vs. Christmas tree. Been there done that. Let's just talk tree.

The tree should be an be evergreen, spruce or fir, anywhere from 45 to 60 feet tall, and easy to get to to cut down. If it's near power lines or other structures that would get in the way, they don't want to risk it.

If your tree is selected, it will be cut, removed and transported from your property at no cost and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your tree made the holidays a little brighter for adults and kids alike.


If you think you have a tree that fits the description in Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Gorham, Westbrook, Falmouth, Cumberland or Yarmouth, go to <a href="http://portlandmaine.com/tree">portlandmaine.com/tree</a> and submit it for consideration. Be sure to include some photos.

Deadline for submissions in November 1.