Imagine getting in an accident while driving in the town of South Paris, Maine. The police show up as well as the fire department to help. Everyone's okay, but later you get billed by the town for EMS services.

In a move to relieve the tax burden on the town and still be able to fund the fire department, a proposal is being considered by the Paris Board of Selectmen to charge those involved in a car accident in Paris for EMS services rendered.

According to the Sun Journal, the cost of operating the fire department has been steadily rising, costing taxpayers more. Billing those who are involved in accidents would help recoup those costs.

In an interview with CBS 13,  Select Board Vice Chairman Scott Buffington said that there were 60 accidents that the department responded to last year, and many of those involved people who were travelling through the town. Route 26 runs through South Paris, the route taken to reach destinations like Sunday River to the west and Oxford Casino to the east which both draw significant traffic.

Some Paris residents disagree with the proposal, thinking that the expenses should be covered by taxes.

The next step is to contact local representatives to discuss the matter further.

What do you think? Should drivers be responsible for the cost of emergency response services when they get in an accident? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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