I can already see how this is going to go. As soon as someone gets a look at this, they're going to let us know exactly what it is, but for 20 years I've wondered what this mystery dial on the wall in our kitchen at the radio station actually does.

Our kitchen has the necessary amenities to keep a staff of five radio stations doing their jobs. A Keurig machine, sink, microwave, small table and chairs and a refrigerator. There's also cupboards for coffee mugs and plastic utensils, napkins and whatever else you need to eat that breakfast or lunch you brought from home. That is if you actually remember to eat that lunch rather than leave it in the fridge for a month.

On one wall however, there is a switch plate with a big knob on it and no one seems to know what it's there for. When you turn it, absolutely nothing happens. I can only imagine something somewhere else in the 13-story One City Center building turns on and off whenever someone turns the knob asking "Anyone know what this does?"

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

You know this switch has been here for a long time when it says "Solid State" on it. One City Center was built in the 1980s and became our home shortly thereafter.

So what exactly does it, or did it do? My theory is it used to control a fan in the kitchen that is long gone. Possibly there was a stove and oven in here at one point and they never bothered to remove the switch just to mess with people 30 years later. Either way, I'm still going to pretend that somewhere in the building something if speeding up and slowing down when I turn it.

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