This is a great story!

Q Listeners Lacey & Amanda have been friends forever, and they've been listening to us for that long, too!

One of my jobs here at the Q is to make all of the jingles and produce the voiceovers that you hear between songs. Back in February of this year, as I was hunting for new material to use on air, I found an old folder here at work with hundreds of audio clips of listeners that had to be recorded a loooooong time ago. Some of the oldest clips were from the middle and late '90s, when the Q launched here in Portland. I thought it would be fun to take some of those old shoutouts and put them back on the air after all this time... and I was hoping that someone might hear themselves all these years later and tell us about it.

This week, it happened!

Lacey and Amanda were on their way to get their nails done on Monday, and of course they still listen to the Q in the car! They heard a very old clip of themselves play on air, they couldn't believe it, and they called us up. Yes, it was really them.

We were so excited that someone recognized themselves from eons ago, so we invited them to come in, meet us, and record a new shoutout for the Q... 20 years after their first one. It's definitely the same Lacey & Amanda - they still sound exactly the same!

It was great to meet them here in the studio, but keep listening to the Q - we have a few hundred of these old clips kicking around... will you hear yourself or someone you know?

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