There's nothing quite like Maine.

The soothing sounds of crashing waves against the beach, the smell of pine trees in the forest, the taste of a delicious lobster roll, the feel of soft winter snow under your feet, or seeing people come together to help each other is only a sampling of what makes the Pine Tree State so amazing.

Everyone has a different reason why Maine is an incredible place, but we can agree it's incredible.

We asked Mainers on social media if they could name the one thing that makes Maine the best state ever, and we got hundreds of responses.

Take a look at 20 of 'em and see if you agree.

Mainers Share 20 Things That Make Maine the Best State in the US

Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

Maine became a state in 1820, the 23rd of the United States, according to That's over 200 years of being awesome.

And it continues to land on many "best of" lists ranging from best place to live, best national park views (shout out to Acadia National Park!), some of the best scenic drives, and on and on.

There are plenty of different things that make it the "best."

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So, if you’re looking for a state that’s got everything, you know, stunning scenery, delectable food, warm-hearted people, and more charm than you can shake a lobster claw at, Maine is the place.

It’s not just the best state; it’s a state of mind.

Shout out to 207!

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