This is Andy. He's very nice. He didn't really want his picture taken, but once he did his beard up a little, he was okay with the picture. Andy was my first ever...


Let me explain, cuz I had quite the day. I was running around after work doing errands. I was on 295 near Tukey's bridge when I heard beeping. I actually thought to myself '*&^hole'. But it was for ME! Apparently, my car was smoking so much they thought I was on fire!

I pulled over and saw that I was not on fire and got the car home. Then had it towed to my car place. Yes, a new car is in my future - I just gotta get through one more winter!

So, I needed a car and the Q Van was available, but I couldn't get to it. Jen and the kids were at the Cumberland Fair. So, I went out of my comfort zone and got the Uber app and then got Andy at my front door in 10 minutes.

I FEEL SO COOL AND HIP! He was super nice and the price was very reasonable. Plus, Uber is kind of the 'it' thing right now....and I'm never on board with 'it' things! Sure, my car crapped out - but I used Uber and met Andy and I feel cool.

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