Promposals are becoming a huge deal in high school. I've seen big funny signs and elaborate scavenger hunts ending in a formal ask. When I got asked to prom I was fake-kidnapped, brought to a second location, and served a fancy homemade dinner that ended with a cake decorated with the word, "Prom?"

This Promposal is one of the most Maine asks I've seen. The guy in the photo is my little sister's boyfriend, Dylan. After a particularly messy mudding session in his big pickup truck, he scrubbed these words into the side: "Let's get cleaned up. Prom?"

My sister and I are very different. She got more of the outdoorsy side and she's totally into hunting and fishing and apparently, mudding. She was delighted with this Promposal. She said yes.

Share your Promposal story with us in the comments. Can you beat the Maine-ness of this one?

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