This is hilarious that I even agreed to writing this, but I guess it's no different than what I'd tell you tomorrow on the radio. Honesty's the best policy. Today, something happened to me that doesn't usually happen when I see a hot man. I tripped up like crazy, and I mean literally and metaphorically.

It's like we're on a private Krissy podcast episode, but make it an article... and public, HAHA. Oh well. Here's the details.

We were on the elevators in my studio's building, both going to get lunch. Except I was on my way back up the escalator and you were on your way down. We had just missed each other at the counter. As you were coming down, I did a double take because you were so handsome. You caught me and didn't take your eyes off me, which is usually when I'd start to flirt with you, but goddamn you were so handsome I froze.

You smiled at me with that gorgeous flow of hair and asked me how I was. My answer? I looked down at the escalator so I wouldn't trip on the elevator the same way I tripped on my words. I said "good", smirked, and continued to look down and escalate away instead of showing you I was also interested in you.

Then I continued to power walk back into my studio to hide because I was so mad at myself for not acting like myself. It's your fault. You had no business being so handsome in my place of work. I wasn't ready. HAHA.

This will absolutely be a topic on Krissy In The Morning tomorrow, I'm not scared to admit it all. Anyways, maybe you'll get this letter and send a letter to WJBQ with your number on it and we'll end up taking my dog Maverick for a hike.

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